Jupiter’s Choice

Jupiters Choice slot

Jupiter’s Choice is a slot machine that stands out from the crowd by having SIX reels instead of the more common three or five reels. This game also come with interesting features such as Conjoined Reels and Richer Reels.

In the Ancient Roman religion, Jupiter – also known as Jove – is the god of the skye and thunder, and king of the other gods. His name means Sky Father, and he is seen as a Roman eqvivalent of the Greek god Zeus. Jupiter is the brother of the sea god Poseidon and the underworld god Hades. Jupiter was the chief diety of the Roman state religion throughout the Roman Republic and much of the Roman Empire, until he was replaced by Christianity. Jupiter’s primary sacred animal is the eagle – the most common symbol of the Roman army. Many Roman coins feature an eagle holding a thunderbolt; a combination of two symbols that both denote Jupiter.

Game developer

This slot was created by Relax Gaming.


Jupiter’s Choice have six (6) reels, which is pretty unusual in the slot world. This also means that a five-of-a-kind symbol combination is worth less than what we are used to from 5-reel slots.


Instead of traditional paylines, this game gives you the chance to win in 729 different ways. If you are used to normal paylines, this can take some time getting used to.


Smallest possible wager: 0.15

Largest possible wager: 150


The temple symbol is wild.

Jupiter’s Choice: Cojoined Reels

Randomly, Jupiter can decide to lock two or three reels together when you are playing. When this happens, the cojoined reels will show exactly the same symbols as each other. This can make it easier to form winning combinations.

Jupiter’s Choice: Richer Reel

When you are playing, Jupiter can randomly decide to upgrade the reels for you by removing the four lowest-paying symbols for one round.

Jupiters Choice slot reels

Free spins

If Jupiter decides to cojoin three reels in the base game, it will start the bonus wheel. Spin the bonus wheel and see what you win. You can win up to 100x your bet or 5 to 50 free spins.

During free spins, every round features cojoined reels. The free spins are played out in Jupiter’s heavenly hall where he always locks anywhere from three to all six reels together.




The RTP is just 95% which we think is a bit low.